How to delete or deactivate a Facebook account

There are currently about 2.8 billion Facebook accounts in the world, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t those still concerned about their privacy.

Facebook is abolishing the popular option

Whether that’s the main reason, or you’ve simply realized that this social network is taking up too much of your time, there are ways to deactivate your Facebook account or delete it completely, but you should save all the data you might need first.

Download all personal information

This data includes everything that Facebook “knows” about you – photos, messages, archives, posts and the like. To access them, you need to open a social network on your computer.

After that, select the menu in the upper right corner, then “Settings & privacy” -> “Settings” -> “Your Facebook information”.

Here you can also choose exactly what you want to download from the Internet, so when your data is ready, Facebook will notify you.

How to deactivate a Facebook account

Select “Settings & privacy” -> “Settings” again, then “Deactivating or deleting your Facebook account”.

Facebook will notify you that your account will be temporarily deactivated, as well as that this means that your name and photos will no longer be displayed. You will also not be able to use Oculus products, but Messenger will still be available to you.

You can restore all of this simply by logging into your Facebook account, and continuing as if nothing had happened.

How to delete a Facebook account

In the same place as deactivation, there is an option to delete a Facebook account, so the steps are the same: “Settings & privacy” -> “Settings” -> “Deactivating or deleting your Facebook account”.

In this case, the platform will notify you that Messenger, all messages, as well as all data you shared via Facebook, as well as all information related to Oculus, will be deleted.

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