How to balance work and free time

It is not impossible – you perfectly combine work and free time.

We think that sooner or later we all feel dissatisfied in life because we simply cannot reconcile all our obligations. Why is it impossible to have everything? One of the reasons why this is so difficult is because our brain helps us achieve what we want very effectively. Now you will think – this does not make sense at all. But it certainly is because when the mind is focused on one goal, the other goals become blurred and slowly fall into oblivion. Your motivation system is very good at trying to achieve the goals you set.

And when you set a goal, three things happen. First, you are focused on information that helps you achieve that goal. Second, there is an increase in interest in things that help you achieve the goal, so there is a decrease in interest in other things unrelated to the goal. Third, it is easier to think of things that are related to the goal than things that are not related to it. This is how your motivation system prepares you to achieve the set goal.

The consequence of this focus is that it becomes a bit difficult to try to achieve multiple different goals at the same time. That is why it is sometimes difficult for us to progress in business and personal life at the same time, that is, to find the same time for ourselves as for work. When you are focused on work, your family and social life will suffer. If we really want to achieve something in business, then it is not so important for us to spend time with a partner or friends.

In order to achieve balance, it is important to be aware of the goals we set and how they reflect on our entire life. If you are focused on work, then you must try harder not to neglect your partner, family and friends. You need to set aside time for activities that involve them. Plan it and understand that time as important as a business meeting. Leave your partner a love message on paper before you go to work or send him an SMS during the day. Sometimes it’s important to do things that aren’t very convenient for us because it reflects well on everyone around us.

Also, if you are very focused on your relationship and family or friends and having fun with them, it can happen that your business side suffers. In that case, you still have to find time to do what you have to do. However, this is about your future. Don’t let your job suffer because you lost your head piece by piece – because it could happen later that you blame him for neglecting your other obligations.

Having everything is hard for each of us. And if you want to get closer to that utopia, you have to give a part of yourself to each of your goals and don’t let either side monopolize your time, energy and zest for life.

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