How much video games have changed our world

We are familiar with the disadvantages of playing video games, however, we are aware that everything has two sides to the coin, and that we need to keep up with the latest research.

Just such research testifies to the benefits we can have from video games – from developing creativity and practicing brain functions, to new jobs that are emerging due to the needs of the gaming industry. We talked with our interlocutors about the role of the parent in the gaming world and how to notice whether the child shows signs of addiction or plays “responsibly”, but also how to make the parent an adequate authority for the child. We then explored popular occupations such as cosplayer, sound designer and music composer for video games, psychologists for gamers, and the launch of “gaming sections” in computer schools, as well as a growing number of events on the subject. We learned what the life of professional gamers looks like, the history of video games and why this branch of the IT industry is generating occupations for the future.

What modern technologies have done for us

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