How do we know what dinosaurs looked like

Scientists have proven that dinosaurs first appeared on Earth about 180 million years ago, and that they became completely extinct about 60 million years ago. This is, in any case, long before the appearance of the first man on Earth, and even before the appearance of some animals, such as, for example, dogs, rabbits, horses, monkeys or elephants.

That is why the question arises, how could we even know anything about these giant creatures? Everything we have learned so far about dinosaurs – and everything we will learn in general – is known to us on the basis of fossil examinations, which means on the basis of those remains of these animals that can still be found in the bowels of the earth.

Fossils (in Latin, fossus, meaning excavated) are mineralized otherwise preserved remains – or other types of footprints and footprints (such as footprints) – of animals, plants and other organisms. Because fossils are found in sedimentary rocks, they are also known as fossil records. Paleontology studies fossils.

There are various types of fossils. The most common dinosaur fossils are actually fossilized remains of solid parts of their bodies: bones, teeth and claws. Scientists, after studying these remains, can reconstruct the appearance of the entire body of a dinosaur based on them. Fossils are mostly traces of the remains of the organism itself. However, fossils can also be traces left behind by the body while still alive, such as the remains of feet or the extremities of dinosaurs or reptiles. These types of fossils are called fossil tracks, as opposed to fossil bodies.

Finally, life from the past can leave behind data that cannot be seen, but can be observed in the form of chemical traces. Sometimes even the muscular tissues and skin of dinosaurs are found in a petrified state, which provides opportunities for further discoveries. Fossils or fossils are also considered to be footprints or footprints formed in moist sand or mud that have hardened in stone over the centuries. From them we can learn how dinosaurs moved, on two or four legs. And the rarest fossils from that time that can be found at all are dinosaur eggs. Thus, based on the fossils, it can be concluded that the brontosaurs were monsters 20 to 25 meters long, weighing about 38 tons. It is known for sure that they lived in swamps and ponds and that they were herbivores.

It was also found that one species of dinosaur, known as an allosaurus, was characterized by sharp teeth and strong claws, and that brontosaurs were their main food, among other herbivores. Namely, the scientists found fossilized teeth of allosaurs on the broken and gnawed bones of brontosaurs!

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