How do I know if I am safe on a social network?

First you need to know who you are going to have a conversation with, that is the first and very important thing nowadays. And if the person who wants to send you a message, he can put up his name, put a fake picture.

In that case, by no means accept an unknown person as a friend, because you don’t know what that person’s goal is, and primarily you don’t know where he or she is from. Sometimes people present themselves as real friends from life that you already know, but even that can fool your brain.

How to check if the person is your real friend?

The first and foremost is to ask him a question to which he will know the answer, e.g. -Where we were in town three days ago drinking coffee? There you will immediately see, is it that person who introduces himself by a name that you know. But don’t accept that 100% as proof either, because there are people who can know a lot about you, so they have previously entered your life sniffing.

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