God’s message hidden in our genes!

Scientists have discovered a message in DNA that can be decoded in Aramaic: “At the first rest of the day, God created heaven and earth.” The message is preserved in every cell of every six billion inhabitants of our planet and is constantly repeated, creating basic elements of our lives.

While researching DNA sequences in 2016 the human genome known as “junk DNA” (so called because of its unknown role), scientists at the Wyoming Institute of Technology in the United States came to a realization that left science and the rest of the world speechless: Linguistic experts have identified the information in the form of Old Aramaic: “At the first dawn, God created the earth and the sky.”

Scientists say they have seen holes in the DNA sequences that bear little resemblance to coding for biological function and bear a resemblance to human language samples. That is why they hired professors from Bob Jones University, known for their extremely strict criteria. They gave them decoded DNA segments to translate. A code language using strings of twenty-eight independent values ​​was found, found in the frequency range of known letters. Sequences of independently related values ​​are a reflection of word structure structures in human languages.

The philological team at “Bob Jones” began an extensive comparison of the letter found in “junk DNA” with the catalog of every human language whose existence has been recorded. Professors were shocked to discover that there really is one language that can be used to directly translate sequential DNA. The language in “junk DNA”, which scientists have dismissed as useless for years, is completely identical to ancient Aramaic. And when they began translating, linguists discovered that parts of the message were almost copied from the Bible. They soon located the quotes.

There is a linguistic sequence on the human PYGB gene that translates as “At the first rest of the day, God created heaven and earth.” This is strikingly similar to the first verse of Genesis: “In the beginning God created heaven and earth.”

The Bmp3 gene has a linguistic sequence that is translated in verse 19 of the sixth chapter of 1 Corinthians: “Do you not know that your body is the church of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not alone. “

Matthew Boulder, the project’s chief linguist and professor of applied science at Bob Jones University, said: “As far as the evidence is concerned, he is here. This, in my opinion, is undeniable. The very word of God, elegantly woven into our bodies and souls, is as clear as day. And the beauty of this (that God has woven the words of truth into our beings) shows its love and wonders. ”

Our bodies, therefore, store in themselves God’s “spark.” This has long been said by numerous spiritual traditions, emphasizing that the human body was precisely created to have celestial characteristics in the earthly kingdom. Just as temples are built to contain holy space, so in Judaic, Gnostic and Christian texts, our body is spoken of as a “temple” in which the very essence of God dwells.

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