Facebook plans to create a new Instagram

The giant on social networks has devised a way to legally allow certain subscribers access to their profiles

It seems that Facebook would do everything to attract new users with its latest trends. It is currently trying to attract young people (children), for whom the Internet poses the greatest risk. The plan of the social network is to establish a platform that could be used by children under 13 years of age.

Although Facebook and Instagram ban the registration of people under the age of 13, most teenagers have found a way to overcome that ban, and despite the risks posed by the social networks we hear at every turn, more and more minors are opening accounts. However, the giant on social networks has devised a way to legally allow young subscribers to access their profiles. He plans to launch Instagram for teens.

He explained that his plan was to focus on two things – speeding up work on integrity and privacy and setting up a new type of Instagram. To make the Internet the most child-friendly place, the company plans to create a new platform “that will allow people under the age of 13 to use Instagram safely for the first time.” A Guardian spokesman said on Facebook that the company was investigating the version of Instagram under parental supervision.

The company also announced plans to introduce new security features, including preventing messages from being sent to people under the age of 18 who do not follow them. Then the platform plans to send a notification to the teenager that someone is trying to contact them. To create greater security for younger users, Instagram also makes it harder for adults to search for and track teen profiles.

Teenagers are also encouraged to set up private profiles when registering. An Australian survey of teenage internet use showed that 57% of Australian teenagers use Instagram, while 30% said that they were contacted by an unknown person through the platform, and 20% that they were sent inappropriate content.

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