Do not take too much vitamin D

The medical and professional public warn of the non-selective use of vitamin supplements in the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic.

In just a few months, scientists have moved from a warning about vitamin D deficiency in the population to a warning about the abuse and non-selective use of supplements offered to improve immunity.

“Vitamin D needs may vary from person to person, so there is no single level of 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentration that defines deficiency, and there is no consensus on the exact level of vitamin D that represents optimal health,” the North American statement said. team of experts.

Scientists from the American National Institutes of Health warn that too high concentrations of vitamin D in the blood are almost always a consequence of its excessive consumption through dietary supplements and that they can cause kidney failure and arrhythmia, and eventually death.

Consumption of too many nutrients, even neutral ones like water, can have harmful consequences, scientists say.

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