Coenzyme Q10 – A magical ingredient in the fight against wrinkles

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There are many ingredients that effectively fight the aging process of the skin, but none of them have the strength that coenzyme Q10 has. This miraculous ingredient carries a huge energy potential, which the skin needs more and more with age. The fact that coenzyme Q10 is the basis of all metabolic processes in the cells of the body, but also the skin, speaks of its importance. Decreased levels of coenzyme Q10 also affect the drop in energy levels, thus creating an imbalance in the functioning of skin cells. The work of cellular metabolism slows down and the skin does not regenerate efficiently enough. Wrinkles appear, and the skin loses firmness and becomes less elastic.

A powerful antioxidant

Coenzyme Q10 is also much more: it is an antioxidant that protects cells in the body. It is found in the surface layers of the skin, known as the stratum corneum. However, it protects not only the surface layer, but also the deeper layers so that damage caused by UV rays does not occur. Excessive and unprotected exposure to the sun’s rays can significantly damage the skin, which then manifests itself through wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, sagging skin, and in the most drastic cases, carcinogenic lesions can occur. And don’t let the winter sun fool you. Protection is needed even when you are staying in the mountains, and not only during the summer months. That is why it is an ideal combination of creams that, in addition to coenzyme Q10, contain UV filters and the appropriate SPF.Q10 anti-wrinkle day cream is just that. Its formulation activates cellular metabolism internally to increase the skin’s level of coenzyme Q10. It is effective in the fight against wrinkles, and thanks to UVA protection and SPF 15, the skin is protected from wrinkles caused by sun exposure and looks fresh and younger.


Neutralization of free radicals

Accelerated aging and extinction of skin cells is largely caused by stress. Just when we are under stress, free radicals start attacking our healthy cells, and doctors agree that they are the cause of many diseases. Coenzyme Q10 (Co Q10) has the ability to neutralize free radicals. These are mainly residues that are the result of metabolic processes of converting food into energy or due to exposure to toxins from the external environment, such as tobacco smoke and exhaust gases. The bad news is that with age, coenzyme Q10 levels slowly decline, and skin with lower levels of coenzyme Q10 is much more susceptible to free radicals. On the other hand, the good news is that even a small extra amount of coenzyme Q10 will help regenerate cells within the skin itself. That is why this miraculous coenzyme is very effective as protection of cells from oxidative damage, and regular application on the skin slows down the formation of wrinkles.


Collagen production

As the skin ages, collagen and elastin gradually disappear. Biochemist Roland Stocker, a professor at the University of South Wales, says, among other things: “When the level of coenzyme Q10 in the skin is low, it has less ability to produce collagen and elastin, which are very important for firmness and elasticity.” Therefore, sufficient amounts of coenzyme Q10 reduce the possibility of collagen loss and help maintain skin firmness.


After thirty

After the age of 30, the skin produces less and less coenzyme Q10, and cell renewal slows down. Instead of the previous 28 days it took for the cells to renew, it now takes about 40 days. Therefore, it is extremely important to provide enough sleep, a healthy diet, to spend a lot of time in the fresh air, exercise and of course complete it all with proper care or creams that are rich in coenzyme Q10. Its extremely powerful formulation is enriched with hyaluronic acid and creatine, and in addition to reducing the visibility of existing wrinkles, it also contributes to the slower formation of new ones. In addition, the serum in the form of pearl beads can also serve as a good foundation for makeup, as it evens out the complexion.


Night care

It is necessary to give the skin the right care and thus enable it to regain the lost elasticity. And the best time to do that is at night. During the night, the skin is finally able to regenerate and accelerate the processes of cell division and renewal. Especially between 2 and 4 o’clock in the morning, the skin’s metabolism works five times faster than during the day. The skin renewal phase is at its peak at that time. That is why it is extremely important to nourish the skin with an active ingredient such as coenzyme Q10. Q10 at night cream helps the skin to replenish coenzyme Q10 to reduce and slow down the appearance of wrinkles on the face, while creatine penetrates deep into the skin and thus stimulates regenerative processes.


Wrinkles around the eyes

The first wrinkles appear in the area around the eyes. They appear primarily due to movement, ie facial expressions, laughter … but over time, the skin in this area becomes more relaxed and needs additional care to prevent wrinkles from becoming deeper. Therefore, the right solution for this region is a suitable cream with coenzyme Q10. Q10 for the eye area is a light formulation, the skin absorbs it quickly and thanks to coenzyme Q10, it effectively fights wrinkles from the inside, reduces their visibility and prevents the appearance of new ones.


Magical skin cleansing with products containing coenzyme Q10

Without cleansing, facial care is not complete, and proper cleansing is the first step towards healthy and beautiful skin. For even better anti-wrinkle effects and effective skin preparation for applying the cream, q10 facial cleansing milk is ideal. Refreshes and hydrates skin without unwanted oil and gently removes makeup and impurities.


Relaxation and extra care

When the energy level is low, all natural processes in the skin cells are slowed down. As a result, these cells become susceptible to stress, which we normally encounter every day, and this leads to faster skin aging. That is why it is important to take some time for yourself from time to time and dedicate yourself to relaxation. A great way to please both your skin and your soul is to play relaxing music and apply a nourishing mask on your face. Leave everything you did and dedicate 15 minutes to enjoying for all the senses. A great ally in such situations is the Q10 mask enriched with coenzyme Q10. Visibly reduces wrinkles, rejuvenates the skin and restores its radiance. Before applying the mask, clean your face thoroughly to remove traces of makeup and impurities. If you skip this step, the impurities, together with the mask, will penetrate deep into the skin and cause an inflammatory process (acne or blackheads). Use a walnut-sized mask and distribute it evenly on the face from the middle to the outside. Do not apply the mask to the eye area.

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