Chrome introduces a new mode that brings much safer web surfing

“HTTPS first” will alert the user when trying to access a website that does not support the secure HTTPS protocol

Google is improving the security of Internet surfing, which is why it plans to introduce the “HTTPS first” mode. Thus, in the future, when activated, the new mode will alert the user when he tries to access a website that does not support the HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) protocol.

Because this is a secure version of HTTP, most websites already support HTTPS, which encrypts data and makes searching more secure, which is very important when using a public Wi-Fi network. It also prevents the ISP from accessing the content being searched.

Google has long supported switching to HTTPS, so it already appears as the first choice in the URL bar when typing a link. It also bookmarks unsafe sites so users know it’s a potentially dangerous site.

Google states that “HTTPS first” will become available in Chrome browser with an update to version 94, which should be released on September 21. Despite the greater security of the new protocol, Google points out that HTTP connections will still be supported.

Also, the change will include a padlock icon in the navigation bar. Google states that over 85% of users misinterpret this tag, thinking that it means security, even though it is actually a website that supports HTTPS. Therefore, in the future, the padlock icon will be replaced by an arrow pointing downwards.

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