Children and pampering

Výuka ve Skischool Lipno

It’s nice to give children some things, but don’t indulge in every whim.

From the moment we learn that we are in another state, our life changes completely. The good news overwhelms us and for nine months we carry within us a being who will one day become a man. It is our duty to make a small child a person with character, and attitude of educational manners.

However, what we can see more and more often on the streets and in everyday life today cannot be called education. Spitting on the sidewalk, arguing in the tram, violence, harsh words, vandalism. All of these are some of the listed signs that something has been missed in upbringing. Let’s try to explain some things to our little ones from an early age.

Two generations build, the third destroys

Precisely because you may have been poorer in your younger days, your parents couldn’t provide you with a lot of things and you were content with the little things, that’s what made you human. You had little, and you earned your own bread. With your effort and your toil you have reached the goals and results. But, now, if you are in any way wealthier than before, that is not a sign that you can give your children everything materially because you did not have it. It’s really nice of you to want to give your children everything you couldn’t get, but you’re doing the wrong thing. If your child gets a bunch of toys, whenever he wants, or gets everything he wants – he will turn into a spoiled brat who never gets enough of anything. As a child grows up, he becomes more aware that everything he wants is given to him in the palm of his hand and that nothing requires effort and a plan. A person can change, but if we teach children from an early age to save, time and effort, it will be easier for him to go through life.

Shouting and crying in the store

We all had a chance to see throwing and yelling in the store. Once the mother says no, the child tries in every way to get it back. In that situation, we must not give in at all. Before entering the store, it is necessary to agree with the child what is going to be bought and determine the limits. Let him choose some sweets himself, for example up to a certain amount, with the proviso that if he has anything left, he puts a pig in the piggy bank. In time, he will want something he will really want, and every time you go shopping on a Sunday, you remind him that if he spends a certain amount on sweets, he will have less left for what he really wants. Let him decide for himself that it is more valuable to save money.

Of course, you will never deprive your child of all the needs he really needs, but this is just one of the small techniques with which we can show them the right way.

Gifts are given for Christmas, St. Nicholas, Easter and birthday, possibly if you come back from the trip and bring some small things. But, when a child wants something, don’t immediately allow it to happen. Especially if you have no money. Not having money is not a shame and it must be explained to the child. You’ll hear … but everyone in the class has it, or I need it. Assess your child’s age with his wishes and needs.

Here you go, just be quiet

One of the biggest mistakes. You sit in the park and talk to a friend. Your child makes noise, takes your keys, mobile or lighter. You take it out of his hands and the shit gets even stronger. Just give it back to be quiet and the next day when the child does the same thing and your new cell phone falls apart into hundreds of pieces, use a high tone and nothing is clear to the child anymore, because the day before you could play with it.

Never deny love to a child. Sing, dance, play, spin it in the air and run with it. Try to point out to him as much as possible the true values ​​such as love, friendship and time together. Don’t buy him everything he wants, talk to the child, hang out, have nice manners and the child will follow you.

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