Body position during sleep and health

When you wake up do you feel like someone has beaten you up? This is a possible reason. Recognize your sleep style and check how it affects your health.

It is interesting that he really has his own style of sleeping which is very difficult to get rid of (as those who have tried it know). Why do you sleep on your side, back or hugged with a pillow is a question for deeper analysis, but the fact is that each pose has its pros and cons. Namely, the fact is that because of the spine, it is healthiest to sleep on your back. If you take into account that you sleep at least six hours a day (which is a quarter of the whole day), then it is very important that you do not damage your health during these hours.

Sleeping on your stomach

This can improve digestion, but is only recommended if you have developed the technique of breathing through a pillow. Otherwise, sleeping on the right or left side of the face will make that side more relaxed, wrinkles will appear prematurely, and the neck will suffer a lot of pressure during the night. Just imagine keeping your head turned 90 degrees all day! Also, this position of the head can cause back pain, because the lumbar part of the spine has no support. However, if you are snoring and you have not yet felt chronic pain in your back and neck, try this pose, just choose a very thin pillow.

Fetal position

This position is a favorite with 60 percent of people, but the disadvantage of this pose is that in a curled position with your knees and chin down, you do a lot of unhealthy things on your spine and neck. The more curled you are, the more you reduce deep breathing, ie. it is limited. However, sleeping in the fetal position is considered good for people who have a problem with snoring and for pregnant women. Some psychologists say that people who sleep in the position of the fetus are more shy and sensitive.

Sleeping on your side with your arms close to your body

This position of the body during sleep provides the best support for the spine, keeping it in a correct and natural position. This reduces back pain and makes it less likely to stop breathing for a short time (apnea). The disadvantage of this pose is that it contributes to faster aging of the skin, and has a bad effect on the appearance of wrinkles and posture.

Sleeping on your side with your arms at your sides

As in the case of the previous pose, this style of sleeping is good for the spine and the force of gravity acts equally on the body. However, this type of sleeping on the side can cause pain in the arms and shoulders, and the position in which the arms are still spread further increases the pressure on the shoulders. Who sleeps like this, is probably suspicious and approaches life quite rationally.

Right or left side

The side you sleep on also has a great impact on the body and health. If you sleep on the right side, there is a great chance that you will fight heartburn, while sleepers on the left side press on the liver, lungs and stomach, but also reduce the chances that they suffer from stomach acid (no pain when swallowing, vomiting, heartburn). However, doctors recommend sleeping on the left side for women in another condition, because this position encourages better circulation of the fetus.

The position of the soldier

It is considered that sleeping on your back with your hands next to your body is the best body position for the health of your spine and neck, provided that you do not put too many pillows. However, the disadvantages of this pose are the appearance of snoring and apnea (temporary cessation of breathing).


Sleeping on your back with your arms outstretched, whether your arms are above the pillow or not, is great for the spine and does not contribute to the rapid aging of the skin and the formation of wrinkles. However, the position of the starfish also encourages snoring and causes a problem with the return of stomach acid. And if your hands are above the pillow, you create pressure on your shoulders, which can lead to pain.

In an embrace with a pillow

No matter what position you sleep in, it is certain that you will welcome the morning more rested and with less pain if you spend the night in an embrace with a pillow.

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