Bill Nelson doesn’t believe we are alone in space

In an interview with CNN, the director of the American space agency NASA, Bill Nelson, commented on the recently published report of the National Intelligence Service on unidentified flying objects and said that he did not believe that we were “completely alone” in space.

Former Florida senator and one of the two congressmen who flew into space, Bill Nelson, has been at the head of the American space agency NASA since March. In an interview with CNN, Nelson commented on the report on unidentified flying phenomena, which was submitted to the American Congress and made public.

“Are we alone? Personally, I don’t think we are,” Nelson said. “The universe is so big. It was created 13 and a half billion years ago. That’s quite a lot. But people are hungry for this kind of information, and we’re going to keep looking,” Nelson said.

The mentioned report recorded 144 unidentified air phenomena, for which there is no specific explanation.

“Based on our analysis of the data, if and when individual incidents with unidentified flying phenomena are resolved, they will fall into one of five possible categories: air phenomenon, natural atmospheric phenomenon, American advanced development programs, foreign advanced systems directed against the United States, and the fifth ‘basket’ in which all other phenomena are housed, ”Nelson explained.

He admits that he has no knowledge of what the naval pilots saw. “The pilots saw something, they followed the objects, they followed them with radar. Those objects would suddenly move from place to place, and the report tells us that there were more than 140 such sightings.”
A scientist’s report is now awaited to see if there is any explanation from a scientific point of view.

When asked by a CNN journalist what he thinks about these flying phenomena, Nelson stated that three years ago he personally talked to naval pilots who had encounters these unidentified phenomena, and that he believes that “there is something” there.

According to the information available so far, other countries should not have such advanced technology,” he added. director of NASA.

“When it comes to space, remember, the universe is so big,” Nelson emphasized. “We at NASA have a program called ‘Search for Alien Intelligence.’ But so far we haven’t established communication with any intelligent life form.”

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