Apple will released new M2 chip

After a complete transition from Intel and AMD processors to an in-house solution in the form of a new M1 chip last year, Apple began mass production of the M2 5 nm chip at TSMC this month.

According to reports from Nikkei Asia, Apple began mass production of its M2 chip at the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) this month, as part of a plan to completely replace Intel processors from its machines.

Mass production of the successor to the M1 chip, which will be made in a 5 nm + production process, may also mean that we will see M2 chips in MacBooks whose sales are announced for the second half of the year.

According to internal reports, Apple claims that their M1 chip offers 85% better CPU performance than an iMac that uses an Intel chipset, and twice as good graphics performance. Initial claims that the M1 is the fastest processor on the market did not prove to be true, but Apple equipped all new models of its computers and most tablets with a new chip.

A direct comparison of AMD and Intel chips with the M1 shows a difference in performance, especially in the Apple ecosystem for which the M1 is much better optimized.

For now, there is no official information on what the new M2 will offer, and whether it will have any functional differences compared to the M1. In any case, whatever Apple offers, fans will be thrilled, because they are used to believing what Apple tells them more than real tests and real device performance. We expect higher operating clock, less heating and lower consumption, because that is a real problem that models with the M1 chip are now facing.

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