Aliens trying to distract us from nuclear weapons?

The aliens have bases on the ocean floor and are trying to deter the human race from nuclear weapons, due to potential catastrophic damage. Because of such a statement in some scientific circles, a person who claims this would be immediately excluded from the discussion.

However, Gary Hazeltein, vice president of the newly formed International Coalition of Extraterrestrial Research (ICER), does not care.

ICER is a non-governmental organization based in Portugal and consists of scientists, researchers and academics from 27 countries. Their mission is: Preparing for contact with aliens.

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Each ICER member has signed an oath confirming their basic belief. The members of this organization believe that aliens exist and that they often visit Earth.

It sounds like a plot from a Hollywood movie, but this coalition is serious and wants to discuss its theories rationally and documented.

Hazeltine, a former British police detective, says their mission is to present evidence and prepare for a future encounter.

“We should now prepare for the possibility that this is true, because the evidence says that it is real. We are dealing with something that goes beyond just the light in the night sky,” claims the former detective.

In his opinion, if there is truth in at least three percent of the million recorded cases in the last 70 years worldwide, then it is not small at all.

ICER wants a reasoned debate

It is known that there are reports of aircraft flying at hypersonic speed, without wings or propulsion system, which pull a force of 600 ge. (By comparison, the F-16 can only develop half that speed and a force of 9 ge). Also, there are reports of pilots seeing planes that descend from a height of 20,000 to 15 meters in 0.8 seconds.

Hesseltein recalls various recorded occurrences of unidentified flying objects or unidentified air phenomena that include instantaneous acceleration, instantaneous stopping, instantaneous change of trajectory, turns at right angles, all without changing the speed of movement.

ICER members claim that these aircraft can even become invisible in an instant, as well as not produce any sound during flight

Experts agree that none of this can be done by any army in the world – not even in its secret programs.

“Therefore, ICER asks the governments to make public all the information gathered for further study. We want scientific data collected from these incidents: telemetry, radar images, performance characteristics, because the greater the control of real data, the faster ICER believes that it will be proven that these are phenomena that were not created by man, “insists the vice president of this coalition.

The aliens became interested in us when we discovered nuclear energy

Visions and speculations about UFOs began more seriously in the 1940s. ICER believes that this is not a coincidence, because nuclear tests started at that time.

“I think when we detonated our first atomic weapon, it sent an invisible shock wave into space that was picked up by other civilizations that then realized that a creature on this planet had reached a level of technical achievement that could separate an atom.”

ICER members also think that aliens are building bases on the ocean floor.

Governments can no longer hide data

ICER wants all governments to stop hiding data, to document everything, and to introduce the concept of aliens into the mainstream. They are also in the process of constituting a special body, which they hope will receive a special consultative status in the United Nations.

“Let’s talk like adults, sit at a table and talk about this in front of the public. This is not an American, Russian or Chinese problem, it’s a global issue and we should look at it as something important for the entire human race.” , insists Hezeltein.

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