Accidents in life – how do we attract them and how to solve them?

Sometimes we wonder why we have no luck in life, why this or that happened to us and similar questions. According to the theory of chance, which does not actually exist and does not work that way, everything is accidental. It can happen to anyone.

However, a completely different theory works in our lives with its own laws. It is a theory of attraction. Similar attracts similar. It is one of the hermetic laws that talks about how things happen in the world, and so in our world, and especially in the subconscious world.

Does that mean we attract accidents ourselves?

Yes. Although at first glance it seems absurd, but it is exactly so. When an accident happens, we are drawn to it ourselves in some way.

How do we attract accidents ourselves?

Mostly with his thoughts. This is where the following hermetic law comes into play: both inside and outside. So, as we think, so it comes true.

We will explain just a few ways we are used to thinking and how we attract bad outcomes.


Caring is one of the ways we attract accidents. Although it is common in everyday life, caring is a negative trait. Let’s show this with a simple example:

We have children and we send them on a trip. We give them everything they need: food, drinks, clothes, shoes, extra money to spend and lots of good wishes. And that’s all right. The problem arises when they leave and when we start taking care of them. The concern goes as follows: what if something happens to them? What if I can’t handle it? What if someone hurts them? What if a bus or train has an accident? And the like. It is not necessary to think about it all the time, it is enough to think only briefly. And what did we do? We sent them bad energy. And if something happens, the reaction is: I knew something was going to be bad.

What are we actually doing? We send our negative energy and fears to an ordinary situation and in that way we attract a bad outcome. In that way, we do not trust children, organizers, drivers and, in the end, God. And we send that distrust together with the children. In any case, it is better to send them a blessing, words of love, attention, joy and satisfaction.


When we do something new, we are not sure of the outcome. Then the fears come to the fore: will it be good, will it be on time, will others be satisfied with it and similar fears. And when an error occurs during the realization that we could not have foreseen before, we think: I knew that something would be wrong. You didn’t know, you wished in a way.

What are the causes of such behavior?

The causes lie within us. More precisely, in our repressed feelings. If we made a mistake as a child, it is often the reaction of the parents: never do anything to yourself, you always do wrong things. When we want to do something on our own, the reaction is how stupid we are and we don’t know it doesn’t work. We will always be stupid and we will always do the wrong things. The repetition of these assessments is implanted in us and we remember that.

How to get rid of such thoughts?

These are usually basic thoughts, fears that move us. They lie at the bottom of the hierarchy of fear and are protected by a series of events that confirm just such thoughts, fears or feelings. It is necessary to clear all these events, situations in order to come to thoughts that we can then easily clear. That is the only way to do it without consequences. If we start cleaning by force, there can be reactions of the subconscious and severe emotional, psychological disorder.

How can we clean up situations?

By clearing the emotions that are dominant in those situations. Emotions are the glues we cling to and they bind us to those situations. Otherwise, most of these situations would have been forgotten long ago. This is how these emotions control our current situation and create our lives, without us even being aware of it.

How to attract positive thoughts and be a more positive person

What really happened to us?

Let’s remove repressed emotions, stick to negative thoughts and start thinking positively. We are only attracted to positive thoughts and so we create only positive events. We no longer have the impression that disasters are coming to us and we are becoming aware of ourselves and our power to decide about our lives. That awareness is the key to the whole story. Only when we become aware of ourselves, our thoughts, desires, needs and start working on it, do we start living. We respect our lives, we attract all the events that respect and beautify our lives and we enjoy it. We are happy because we are alive and we can show it freely. Joy, as the highest possible feeling, is the peak of satisfaction with this life. And when we are satisfied, we attract satisfied people, situations into our lives and spread satisfaction.

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