15,000-year-old viruses found in a glacier in Tibet

The scientific team analyzed ice and found 33 viruses, of which at least 28 were not known to science from before, but which managed to survive because they were frozen

Scientists have discovered not known viruses dating back to 15,000 years ago in glaciers of ice on the Tibetan plateau.

The viruses found are different from those previously recorded by scientists.

A team made up of scientists studying climate change and microbiologists from Ohio State University found the viruses in two ice samples extracted in 2015 at the top of Guli, in western China at about 6,700 meters above sea level.

Ice samples were taken from the glacier at a depth of about 310 meters, confirmed one of the leading authors of the study, microbiologist Zhiping Zhong .

According to the conclusions published in the study, the found viruses probably originated from the soil or from plants, and not from humans or animals, they are adapted to life in extreme conditions and would not be harmful to humans.

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